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Euphoria Ringtone Download

Sung A Chin

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Euphoria, an Australian dance-pop trio formed in 1991, boasted an electrifying lineup. Producer and songwriter Andrew Klippel led the ensemble on keyboards and backing vocals, complemented by the dynamic lead vocals and captivating dance moves of Holly Garnett and Keren Minshull. Their pulsating sound skyrocketed them to the top of the charts with two chart-topping hits on the ARIA Singles Chart: “Love You Right” (November 1991) and “One in a Million” (April 1992).

Euphoria Ringtone Download
Euphoria Ringtone Download

Their infectious energy continued with the success of “Do for You” (August 1992), peaking at No. 7. Their debut album, “Total Euphoria” (October 1992), soared to No. 14 on the ARIA Albums Chart. Following Garnett’s departure in 1992, model Jodhi Meares joined the group briefly before their eventual disbandment in mid-1993. Tragically, the music world mourned the loss of Holly Garnett to suicide in October 1998, leaving behind a legacy of unforgettable performances and chart-topping hits.

Euphoria Ringtone Download MP3

Euphoria Ringtone Download MP3
Euphoria Ringtone Download MP3
Maaeri Ringtone DownloadPalash Sen, EuphoriaMaaeri05:32
Mujhse Kaha Naa Gaya Ringtone DownloadPalash Sen, EuphoriaMujhse Kaha Naa Gaya03:47
Aana Meri Gully Ringtone DownloadPalash Sen, EuphoriaEuphoria Gully04:42
Sone De Ma Ringtone DownloadPalash SenShootout At Lokhandwala04:23
Ab Najaa Ringtone DownloadPalash Sen, EuphoriaEuphoria Gully05:21
Dhoom Pichuck (feat. Shubha Mudgal) Ringtone DownloadPalash Sen, Shubha Mudgal, EuphoriaDhoom04:50
Kisi Ki Muskurahaton Pe Ringtone DownloadEuphoriaKisi Ki Muskurahaton Pe03:01
Saajna (feat. Dino James) Ringtone DownloadEuphoria, Palash Sen, Dino JamesSale03:06
Raja Rani Ringtone DownloadPalash Sen, EuphoriaEuphoria Gully05:08
Jiya Jaye Na Ringtone DownloadEuphoria, Shreya GhoshalJiya Jaye Na05:38
Mehfuz Ringtone DownloadEuphoriaEuphoria05:03
Meethi Chaashni Ringtone DownloadPalash Sen, EuphoriaEuphoria Gully04:52
IkTarfa Ringtone DownloadPalash Sen, EuphoriaIkTarfa04:24
Phir Dhoom (Kaise Bhoolegi Mera Naam) Ringtone DownloadPalash Sen, EuphoriaPhir Dhoom05:03
Lori 1 – Sone De Maa, Lori 2- Ab Na Jeena Ringtone DownloadPalash Sen, EuphoriaEuphoria Gully07:32
Body Love Ringtone DownloadPalash Sen, EuphoriaDhoom03:38
Kya Yeh Sach Hai Ringtone DownloadPalash Sen, EuphoriaEuphoria Gully04:50
Bolo Om Ringtone DownloadEuphoria, Palash SenSharnaagat03:10
Sone De Ma (From Shootout At Lokhandwala) Ringtone DownloadPalash SenMother’S Day Special04:43
I Feel Like Ringtone DownloadEuphoria, Palash Sen, Prakruti MishraI Feel Like03:57
Roshni Ringtone DownloadEuphoriaEuphoria05:13
What Is The Mantra Of Yur Life Mantras Ringtone DownloadPalash Sen, EuphoriaEuphoria Gully06:17
Bewafaa Ringtone DownloadEuphoriaEuphoria05:48
Tumse Pyaar Ringtone DownloadPalash Sen, EuphoriaDhoom04:04
Kuchh Nahin Ringtone DownloadPalash Sen, EuphoriaEuphoria Gully03:35
Sha Na Na Ringtone DownloadPalash Sen, EuphoriaDhoom04:00
Waise Hi Ringtone DownloadPalash Sen, EuphoriaEuphoria Gully07:05
Ki Farak Painda Ringtone DownloadEuphoriaEuphoria05:12
Kynas Song Ringtone DownloadEuphoriaEuphoria04:01
Tum Ringtone DownloadPalash Sen, EuphoriaDhoom04:40
Hum (Rok Sako Toh Rok Lo) Ringtone DownloadPalash Sen, EuphoriaPhir Dhoom03:10
Aisa Ek Jahan Ringtone DownloadPalash Sen, EuphoriaEuphoria Gully04:28
Me and You Ringtone DownloadPalash Sen, EuphoriaPhir Dhoom04:36
Rab Jaane Ringtone DownloadEuphoriaEuphoria04:25
Oopiyu Ringtone DownloadPalash Sen, EuphoriaEuphoria Gully05:19
Khwaamkhaa Ringtone DownloadEuphoria, Palash SenSale04:48
Kesariya Baalmaa Ringtone DownloadEuphoria, Palash SenSale04:46
Dilli Ringtone DownloadPalash Sen, EuphoriaDhoom03:37
Savera Ringtone DownloadEuphoriaEuphoria04:59
Doha Ringtone DownloadEuphoriaEuphoria04:36
Baavra (feat. Kyna Sen) Ringtone DownloadEuphoria, Palash Sen, Kyna SenSale03:54
Kyun Judaa Ringtone DownloadPalash Sen, EuphoriaDhoom04:34
Dil Ringtone DownloadEuphoriaEuphoria05:01
Sale Ringtone DownloadEuphoria, Palash SenSale04:13
Satyameva Jayate Ringtone DownloadPalash Sen, EuphoriaPhir Dhoom04:56
Bin – Yah – MinS Zahr Bhoola Sab Ringtone DownloadEuphoriaEuphoria06:01
Sung A Chin


Sung A Chin

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