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How to Set Ringtone in iPhone without iTunes – Best Ringtones Net – bestringtones.net

Sung A Chin

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Setting a custom ringtone on an iPhone has been a persistent challenge for users, contrasting with the straightforward process available on Android devices. Despite Apple’s streamlined ecosystem, the quest to personalize ringtones has remained elusive for many iOS users. However, with the assistance of the Best Ringtones Net website founder, Sung A Chin, we unveil a simpler method to set any song as an iPhone ringtone without relying on iTunes or a PC.

how to set ringtone in iphone without itunes – Best Ringtones Net

Pre-requisites to Set Any Song As iPhone Ringtone:

To embark on this journey, ensure you have fulfilled the following prerequisites:

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1. Song Download:

  • Download and save your desired song either in your music library or the Files app.

2. GarageBand App:

  • Obtain the GarageBand app, a free tool available on iOS 14 or later, essential for editing and exporting the chosen song as your custom iPhone ringtone.

Creating a Custom Ringtone on Your iPhone:

Follow these steps to craft your personalized iPhone ringtone directly on your device:

1. Launch GarageBand:

  • Open the GarageBand app on your iPhone.

2. Select Instrument:

  • Choose an instrument from the available options such as drummer, keyboard, or guitar.

3. Access Project Settings:

  • Tap on the project icon located at the top left corner of the screen.

4. Import Song:

  • Navigate to the Files tab and import your desired song into GarageBand from the Files app.


5. Edit Your Ringtone:

  • Customize your ringtone by selecting the starting point, splitting the track, deleting unwanted portions, and previewing the edited version.
how to set ringtone in iphone without itunes – bestringtones.net

Exporting Your Custom Ringtone:

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After perfecting your creation, proceed to export it as your iPhone ringtone:

1. Save Your Project:

  • Tap on the downward icon and select the “My Songs” option.

2. Share Your Project:

  • Touch and hold your project, then choose the “Share” option.

3. Export as Ringtone:

  • Select “Ringtone” and export your project as an iPhone ringtone (.m4r or .m4a file type).

4. Customize and Set:

  • Provide a suitable name for your ringtone and tap “Export.” Set your favorite song as the custom iPhone ringtone by selecting “Standard Ringtone” from the menu.


While the process may seem intricate, this method offers a reliable solution until Apple introduces a more user-friendly approach. You can also explore turning voice memos into ringtones on your iPhone for added customization. For further assistance or feedback, feel free to engage in the comments section below.

Set Your Favorite Song as an iPhone Ringtone without iTunes:
Make the most of this convenient workaround to personalize your iPhone ringtone hassle-free.

Sung A Chin


Sung A Chin

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